Growing deer problem

Ottawa Hills residents are outraged over a growing deer population. The village council will eye a controversial decision Monday regarding how they plan on dealing with the wildlife.

Many residents have been complaining about a surplus of deer destroying property in the village.

One of the potential decisions on the table would be thinning the heard by shooting and killing the deer.

A number of options will be reviewed at Monday’s village council meeting.

The biggest recommendation is a wildlife management program they would like the village to adopt. This plan discusses what the citizens need to do: specifically what not to plant, repellant use and, lethal and non-lethal options that are at the council’s disposal.

Village leaders say they are trying to take the emotion out of the equation, especially if it comes to going the lethal route.

Ottawa Hills is just 2 square miles and 76 deer are living there.

Leader say this would be fine if this were a rural area, but it’s residential, and there have been far too many issues.

“Citizens are saying enough is enough, not only for the habitat that our villagers love, but the habitat for the deer themselves,” said Village Councilman Corey Hupp.

This deer problem dates all the way back to 2009.

Tonight’s meeting is happening at 7:30 p.m.  It’s open to the public and no decision will be made.

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